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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

I was awoken from sleep at 4am with a warning dream. This dream at first glance appeared to have some personal implications but as I stepped into a time of intercession and prayer The Lord began to clearly speak to me about Israel, the Body of Christ and He especially focused on the watchmen/ gatekeepers and the Kingdom Army.

To put the scenario into context:

Over the last 2 weeks we have had a lot to celebrate. The Return and other Sacred Assemblies around the world had a major impact as the Lord clearly responded to our heartfelt prayers, activating 2 Chronicles 7:14. Adonai is not a man that He should lie.

He says “IF MY PEOPLE... THEN I WILL...” And His people humbled themselves and prayed and turned from their wicked ways. The Lord gave us monumental Signs from Heaven that He responded to our cries and has heard and answered our prayers.

But is there more? Yes. I believe that there is. Personally, we had an incredible trip to the US that bore a lot of fruit for The Kingdom, we celebrated The Feast of Tabernacles, Our 9 year wedding anniversary, and also my sons first birthday yesterday. We certainly appreciate time to rejoice and celebrate as a family and this is needed for balance


This Dream and subsequent Word is an URGENT WARNING to the body of Christ to be ON GUARD and ON THE LOOKOUT for the enemy is on the prowl and is plotting to steal.


In my dream I was in a well guarded building. We were 2 floors up from the parking garage and we were having a normal time of celebration. As I walked down into the parking garage, I noticed my white sports car had its wheels stolen. I was in disbelief as the car was parked in a secure location, with cameras and security in the building and I had only been upstairs for a couple hours.

It didn’t make any sense to me how someone could have come and done this in broad daylight in the short period of time that I was upstairs. Wasn’t there security in the building? Where were the guards? Was there no one else coming and going that would see the thief’s in action?

In the Spirit I knew that the thieves had removed the wheels but that there was no way that they had already escaped the building.

here is what The Lord showed me in my time of intercession from the dream:

A THIEF is plotting!

A THIEF is prowling!

A THIEF is stealing!

As I began to pray into this, I began to pray in the spirit and had an open vision. I suddenly understood that this was happening in real time. The Lord awoke me from my sleep to show me what was happening in real time. He showed me the building, He showed me the streets, the He showed me the city and the bridges and the fortified walls around the city!

Holy Spirit said:

Look at the big picture! 

Sound the Alarm

Red Alert

Now issue the order: All guards to your stations, all gates closed and all hands on deck. Execute full perimeter search and all lights on.

Immediately as I issued the order the flood lights came on all over the city and the entire scene was filled with RADIANT LIGHT. As it began brightened the city I saw a much larger plot unfolding! The thieves were caught red handed.

This was not just a couple of thieves removing expensive wheels from one car. This was a coordinated attack at multiple locations within the city gates. This attack was planned as we were all celebrating victory, as we were all celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles, and as we were rejoicing at our victory!

Immediately the Lord Himself foiled the plot and the enemy was caught red handed!

The Lord says: continue to be on guard for the enemy is on the prowl as many have let their guard down in this season of celebration.

Wake up! Wake up! A plot is unfolding. Yes, it is taking place as we speak! It is not too late says The Lord. Arise and Shine and exercise your authority. Now, place them under arrest and go into FULL LOCKDOWN.

I hear the Holy Spirit say that the victory was a great one. But don’t lose focus as it was only one victorious battle. It was not the end of the war. There is more coming. Now suit up and get ready for war. I have exposed this plot of the enemy to steal and destroy and have given the enemy into your hands! I am extending mercy but you must now act and respond. Return and refocus and set your EYES ON ME - ADONAI TZEVAOT - THE LORD OF ARMIES.

I declare and decree in Yeshua’s Mighty Name that no weapon formed against the Body of Messiah and the Kingdom Army will prosper. We close all doors to the enemy and lock down the perimeter. We loose the angels of Heaven to war on our behalf. Isaiah 22:22.

We plead the blood of The Lamb over all attempts to steal, kill and destroy the work that has been done and all that has been accomplished for The Kingdom. We decree that no damage will be done to any and all Kingdom property in Yeshua’s Name

Through the blood of The Lamb, We break all curses, plots, hexes and spells in Yeshua’s Mighty Name. All sorcery and all witchcraft is exposed and rendered NULL & VOID in the Mighty Name of Yeshua

Gilad Rosinger

Founder / CEO

Radiant Israel

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