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The Throne Room & Divine Instructions

Below is an incredible vision received by one of our dear sisters and head intercessors on 5/24/2021 - the Day following the culmination of the Yeshua Fast!

“I was driving to work and listening to worship music and I had a vision. In the vision, I saw Yeshua seated on His throne, His eyes full of light and glory, and His Presence was so overwhelming. I saw myself bowing, and I noticed, then, there were others, at the throne, also, bowing. We were so overwhelmed by Him and we were bowing as low as we could and trying to make ourselves even lower, in reverence, and feeling so awed to have His eyes upon us. As we bowed there, He didn't speak, but, we were compelled by Him to look up, and, as we did, we could see such fire, passion, power and authority, love, and goodness in his eyes, and, we received, from the look in His eyes, His Divine assignments for each of us, and it was clear and distinct to each of us.

Then the Throne Room began to fade away, and, we all rose, and turned around. As we moved forward, we were filled with Power, Passion, and Authority, and, our faces set to do His will. There was no fear, no doubt, no hesitation, only love for Him and determination. We had our assignments and we were going forward to do them, and, nothing was going to stop us, because we were determined to do it for Him.

That was the end of the vision, but, for me, it was so amazing how each of us perceived what He was saying to us just by the look in His eyes, and how beautiful those eyes were. It was like we could see His heart and His Passion for all humanity, as He gazed upon us.”

- Shirley Braggs ( Radiant Israel Intercessor )

This vision is a powerful confirmation of the many visions And prophetic Words we have Had over the past 40 days during the Yeshua Fast. We will be sharing more incredible testimonies and fulfillment to prophecies over the coming days and weeks. Revival is here now. Don’t miss your visitation!

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Many blessings!

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