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Organizational Structure

Radiant Israel was originally established in 2015 as a tour company to connect believers from the nations to the land and the people of Israel. In our original model, we self-funded our ministry work with Holocaust Survivors, volunteering, public service, feeding the poor, worship gatherings and ministering to the nations through the profit from the tour company.


However, since The Covid Lockdown in Israel, The closure of the borders to tourists, our company was unable to operate and The Lord shifted us into full time ministry. Today Radiant Israel operates as a ministry, but continues to be established on the structural end as a Company according to the directive of The Lord. God the father clearly instructed us to remain structured in the marketplace the way he originally set us up even though we operate as a ministry. People that are blessed by our kingdom work give love offerings and financial support to us to fund our mission. we write off expenses and pay taxes on donations As Yeshua said: "Give to Caesar what belongs to caesar." 


The vast majority of our partners and supporters do not ask for tax deductible receipts as they give with their whole heart to bless the kingdom and sow into fertile soil. They know that their harvest and blessings come from THE LORD.  For those who want to give a tax deductible donation. or for those who would like to give a large amount to advance the kingdom and require tax deductible status for tax and accounting purposes. In this case we work very closely with several incredible ministries in Israel and in America who will be happy to receive the donation on our behalf and provide a tax deductible receipt. If you have any questions about this please feel free to email us - We love you and bless you!

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