Then Yeshua said to them,

"Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers to go to the Galilee; There they will see me."

-Matthew 28:10


About Us

Mission & Vision

Our calling and focus is to prepare the way of The Lord on Earth as it is in Heaven. Our goal is to reach the nations of the world with the true message of The Kingdom in order to prepare them for the soon return of Yeshua, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

  • Boldly proclaim the gospel of The Kingdom to a lost and misguided generation 

  • Build Kingdom bridges between the nations and Israel

  • Launch and facilitate influential Kingdom focused projects to create positive change in our local and global communities 

  • help the poor, widows and orphans, holocaust survivors and those in need

  • support and uplift ministries and organizations that are advancing The Kingdom

  • Assist in uniting the Body of Christ so that we can be ONE as Yeshua and the Father are ONE.

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Gilad & Magi Rosinger founded Radiant Israel as a tour & special events company in faithful obedience to God as a means to build the bridges between nations of the world & Israel. Through their diligent dedication into furthering his Kingdom, the Lord established their steps to prepare the world for Yeshua's imminent return. Today Gilad & Magi are on the forefront of the Messianic Revival of Israel & ministry to God's remnant church.


With The Lord’s guidance, Radiant Israel successfully combines the growing demands of relational based touring, with Kingdom focused activities to create maximum impact for all involved. Over the years seeds of love have been planted deep in the heart of Israel. Focusing on the poor & neediest members of our community has enabled Radiant Israel to not only bless the nation of Israel, but also demonstrate the love of Christ in all that we do. Today Radiant Israel champions humanitarian support for organizations like the Helping Hand CoalitionShalom House, as well as special projects like The Storehouse, UBIS & Holocaust Survivor Penpal projects.

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Radiant Group facilitates an international think-tank that combines some of the brightest lights & Kingdom minded people from around the world. Our ministry is well known for tackling the hard conversations & leading spirit lead intercessory prayer over the most divisive issues. Utilizing vast media networks, online social platforms, television & global events, Radiant has tirelessly advanced the gospel of Yeshua in The Galilee & around the world.