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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Please extend me grace as I try to share my heart here. I am a work in progress. I am still learning. At times I can be rough around the edges. I might be loud at times, and some might consider me to be radical - but what I say, and what I do, I do out of complete love for Yeshua, love for the truth, conviction in my soul, urgency in my spirit, and a deep love for people.

I am so grateful for those who are responding to the shofar blast. I’m so grateful for what The Lord is doing in the Galilee. There is something very special brewing here. Ancient wells are being unstopped and cleansed. And there is a worldwide revival that is being birthed. The coals are growing hotter by the day and more are being added!

The spiritual warfare is real. Our war is not against flesh and blood... we are warring against principalities and rulers of darkness in high places. The battle is serious and very intense. There are battles that we fight for revival that very few know about - and we don’t feel the need to talk about it publicly - but there is a steep price to pay. There is a high cost for what we are believing for.

Thank you to all who have responded with such love, honor and integrity. Thank you for those who have loved us despite our imperfections. Thank you to those that have seen our heart and intentions. Thank you

Remnant Rising

There is a remnant that is being raised up in this hour to shine brightly for The Kingdom. I’m so humbled to see the unity, love & grace that comes forward from true Kingdom Family in times of uncertainty such as this season of oppression, lockdowns, riots, civil disorder and economic depression.

We all need grace. We all need repentance, forgiveness and mercy. I fall short. At times I feel inadequate and unqualified. Yet, I clearly understand the call on my life. I need Yeshua now more than ever. The more I grow in my walk with the Lord, and the more I grow in holiness, the more I realize how unholy I am. I understand what Isaiah said when he saw the Lord:

“Then I said, “Woe to me! I [too] am doomed! — because I, a man with unclean lips, living among a people with unclean lips, have seen with my own eyes the King, ADONAI - Tzva’ot!””

‭‭Yesha 'yahu (Isaiah)‬ ‭6:5‬ ‭CJB‬‬

I understand what Paul meant when He said that he was the worst of sinners. Revival is messy. Revival doesn’t come wrapped up in ribbons and nice packages. It’s full of gut wrenching revelations, heightened awareness to our own shortcomings and spiritual conditions, and ultimately our desperate need for our Messiah. We need you Lord. Come Yeshua!

My heart breaks for what I see coming upon the Earth. It’s hard for me to articulate the deep burden of The Lord, the urgency and desperate need of a corporate response, and rightly discerning what is unfolding on the world stage. We need YESHUA NOW!

An Urgency of Spirit

I have never felt such an urgency in the spirit for our desperate need for a great awakening. We need The Lion of Judah to show up on the scene. We need the person of The Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. We need revival now!

How dare we think we can do it without Him? How dare we think that we know what’s best. What arrogance. What pride. Lord forgive us!!! Have mercy on us!!!

I’m so disturbed at the superficial and shallow construction of what we have previously known as the “Church”. No wonder The Lord allowed the shutdown! Are we even surprised!? Really, are we? It became business as usual. How embarrassing what the so called 'church' has accepted as normal. How embarrassing! No wonder people want nothing to do with the Church. Most of The truly visible mega ministries look more like a social club than anything Holy and Set Apart!

They have conformed to the pattern of this world and have not been renewed by the transformation of their minds. They have kicked the Holy Spirit to the curb.

Yeshua said He was not coming to bring peace but that He is coming to bring a SWORD .

There is a division that is taking place. Ezekiel 34/Jeremiah 23

I have never felt so weak and helpless in my life. It is as if nothing we can do will suffice to adequately warn the people of what is really happening and what is coming upon the earth. It is as if thousands and thousands hear, but only hundreds listen. And only handfuls act and actually respond. It is as if there is a deafness in the spirit realm. I think we must face the reality that most will be swept away in the great falling away. (2 Thessalonians 2)

I feel that we must prepare for the unbearable trials of Yeshua’s warnings to the disciples that brother will betray brother, families will turn on each other and many friends will turn against each other as the love of many will grow cold. Is what I am saying too radical for you? I’m sorry, this