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"Ready or Not, Here it Comes"

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

This is the phrase I heard in my Spirit multiple times yesterday morning. I have been praying into its meaning & all I have heard from The Lord is to go back & review the words that He has given me this year.

These three felt most urgent & pressing:

1. “If my people do not exercise their rightful authority, they will lose both their authority & their freedom”

- The Lord gave this Word to me back in April. It was one of the most profound and heavy words I have ever received as it dropped on me like a weight from Heaven. I believe that it is more important now than ever that we exercise our rightful authority to contend for freedom & war in the spirit for RIGHTEOUSNESS to prevail.

After looking at the words above, I believe that we are entering the greatest spiritual battle we have ever seen. I believe that the Kingdom Army & True Remnant has been prepared & is rising in faith & strength, but tragically most people are completely unprepared for what is coming. Although there have been countless warnings to prepare, they continue to refuse to get ready; Instead, they prefer to intellectualize matters & completely lack the spirit of discernment. This leads them to mock & scoff at the spirit of prophecy & partner with the antichrist spirit of the age through the modern-day prophets of Baal (The mainstream media).

The level of widespread spiritual, moral, and intellectual blindness is catastrophically alarming. The separation has clearly accelerated. The great divide, righteous judgment, and the recompense of the saints is upon us. I believe (tragically) that the great falling away (apostasy) is accelerating rapidly & will only grow in severity from here.

I believe that we are literally entering into the fulfillment of many of the prophetic warnings & promises of Isaiah 60, Daniel 12, Ezekiel 34, 1 Peter 4:17, Habakkuk, Matthew, Thessalonians & many others; The best of times & the worst of times. Between the 'gross darkness' mentioned in Isaiah 60, and the 'Glory of The Lord rising upon His People', it will be both devastating & amazing.

In Joel 2 The Lord says, "EVEN NOW - Turn to me with your whole heart, with fasting, weeping & lamenting, and see that I might relent from sending calamity & even leave a blessing behind me!"

The word for Repent in Hebrew is 'TESHUVA', it means to return, to turn around; To do the things you did at first, to come back. Make a U-TURN!

The Lord is always asking people to repent:

"Turn away from wickedness - Repent & return to RIGHTEOUSNESS! I put before you the blessing & the curse. I put before you life or death. Therefore, choose life! That you may live." Deuteronomy 30:19

“Therefore, tell them that ADONAI -Tzva’ot says this: ""Return to me," says ADONAI -Tzva’ot, "and I will return to you," says ADONAI -Tzva’ot. "Don’t be like your ancestors. The earlier prophets proclaimed to them, 'ADONAI -Tzva’ot says to turn back now from your evil ways and deeds'; but they didn’t listen or pay attention to me," says ADONAI."

Z'kharyah (Zec) 1:3-4 CJB

For the remnant who know their KING; Hear (SHEMA) The Word of The Lord:

"Tell the righteous that it shall be well with them, for they shall eat the fruit of their deeds. Woe to the wicked! It shall be ill with him, for what his hands have dealt out shall be done to him." Isaiah 3:10-11 ESV

Get into the ARK! Guard your heart & guard your gates. Separate yourself & come out from amongst them! Touch no unclean thing!







- Word by Gilad Rosinger

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