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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

- Monumental Signs from Heaven on Yom Kippur in front of the White House -

After The Return, God answered the prayers of thousands of intercessors with a monumental sign from Heaven in front of the White House.

The following is a synopsis of how it transpired:

In July I was invited by Kevin Jessip to record a video to pray for Israel and the Jewish people at The Return. In September the Holy Spirit spoke to me in prayer that I was to physically attend The Return 2020. The Lord led me to gather our Galilee Awakening team for a three-day prayer gathering that would take place immediately following The Return and leading up to the Day of Atonement.

A close friend of ours, Sharon Bolan was one of the people that I invited to come. This is an account of what she said:

Before leaving my home in Dallas, the Lord gave me specific instructions to pray in front of the White House and declare Joshua 1:3 “Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you.” After experiencing the overwhelming outpouring of the Spirit at The Return, the Lord reminded me that I must declare Joshua 1:3 before returning home.

On Monday, Yom Kippur, as we were gathered together in prayer at the 3 day gathering, Sharon had a strong sense from The Lord that we were to go to the White House that afternoon. When we (Gilad Rosinger, Sharon Bolan and my daughter, Grace.) arrived, The Lord led us to the open field between the White House and the Washington Monument, where The Return was held. It was a bright, sunny day. What took place next was truly a phenomenon. As we walked to the center of the field, we noticed a white cloud of smoke that was ascending from the ground. As we drew near to the smoke, we saw that it was coming through the vent of a manhole cover. Suddenly, a young boy appeared and curiously joined us in watching the rare sight. He walked up to Gilad and shook his hand. "What is your name," Gilad asked. "Aaron," he replied. We were standing in front of a rising cloud of smoke next to Aaron on the Day of Atonement! Knowing the symbolism of the smoke on the Altar of Incense representing intercession and worship, and Aaron being the High Priest who went behind the veil on Yom Kippur, it certainly caught our attention. But that was just the beginning.

As we stood in the middle of the field, we began to pray for America. We took off our shoes and placed the soles of our feet on the soil while declaring Joshua 1:3. At the conclusion of the prayer, we asked the Lord to open the Heavens and rain down revival upon America and cleanse us with His precious blood.

Immediately, as we uttered the words, we were taken by surprise as a light rain began to fall amid the sunshine. As the rain began to gently increase, we looked up and suddenly a double-rainbow appeared! It all took place within eight minutes. As we looked up at the rainbow, the Holy Spirit spoke these words to Sharon:

“Because of the prayers of the saints that were poured out on the altar during the weekend of The Return, this is My sign that I have heard and answered and will extend mercy to America. This sign represents my covenant that I will uphold."

It is interesting to note that we were standing in the middle of the rainbow’s arch. One end of the arch began toward the White House. The other end of the arch was located toward the grounds of The Return. Could the double rainbow represent a double blessing for America and Israel? It is quite possible, since the nation of Israel was honored amidst the multitudes of prayers.

It was supernatural! Words are inadequate to describe what we experienced on that field on The Day of Atonement. It was a monumental moment in time in which Heaven and Earth converged and God answered the prayers of His people with an undeniable sign of His covenant!

You Can Watch The Video Here:

It is also notable to mention that this divine convergence was only made possible by the Body of Christ coming together in unity, in true repentance and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead the way step by step. This was clearly a culmination of the dedication of thousands upon thousands of faithful saints who said to The Lord: “Hineni - Here AM I - Send Me!”

Written by - Gilad Rosinger & Sharon Bolan

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