UBIS – Unite, Bless, Invest, Support

Millions have turned their backs on Israel. From the rise of anti-Semitism to the boycotting of Israeli products by governments and special interest groups, the world at large is denying Israel's critical role in the Middle East.
The BDS movement has launched a war of deceit and slander against Israel, brainwashing millions into believing their lies.
As the BDS movement gains momentum, supporters of Israel around the world are being inwardly stirred to take action. People from all walks have been searching for safe and practical ways to bless Israel. Now they can.
Radiant Group is dedicated to providing clear channels to infuse life into Israel.
Each contribution will help Israel fulfill its destiny and become a RADIANT light in this dark world. 
We are putting into action a new way of thinking to bring forth true unity and selfless cooperation between the nations and Israel.   
It is a simple “family oriented” approach. If alone we are good…together we are better.
This divinely inspired modus operandi is our doorway into the future.
Encounter God, partner, facilitate, enable, equip, and radiate!

Radiant Group – Understanding the vision


A starting point for anyone being introduced to the objectives of Radiant Group is to understand 'where we are' in the spring of 2016.


We have seen the recent phenomenal growth of militant Islam, which has spread from the Middle – East. Under the banner of multiculturalism and humanitarian concern the mass inward migration which Europe thought would bring diversity and economic growth is turning into a 21st century nightmare. Few could fail to be moved by the pitiful plight of families fleeing war-torn territories for safety and a new life in Europe. We have witnessed the drowning of innocents in the Mediterranean Sea as families take desperate measures in what they believed was a journey to freedom in the West. Yet there is another side to the story. The terrorist events of Paris and Brussels, tragic though they are, go some way to demonstrate the 'Trojan horse' that now sits ready to release the ‘enemy within’ among the European nations. When the so-called 'Arab Spring' was announced in early 2011, I said many times that I believed it would herald a winter for the West. Sadly, how right I was. 


Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle-East. It is the only nation in that region where freedom of religion, respect for human rights, political rights and freedom of speech are both enshrined in law and are a reality on the ground. Understanding how the nations have come to demonize and actively seek to de-legitimise the State of Israel is only possible when we begin to perceive that this is not just a political battle with racist undertones, but a spiritual one. There are many people from a Jewish or Judeo-Christian faith tradition who see this present time as one which will bring immense change in the Western democracies. Those who observe the storm clouds gathering know something immense is about to break which will have enormous implications for the Jewish world. I would go so far as to say that this time has great similarities to 1938. The rising tide of anti-Semitism with all its evil rhetoric is with us once again. The blind anti-Semitic hatred that we thought was gone forever is back – just two generations after our forefathers said “Never again”


For those whose faith is in the God of the Hebrews this concept of being warned prophetically of what is to come is clearly written in the Hebrew Scriptures. Amos 3:7 “For the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets" is one scriptural validation for this. The first book of Chronicles 12:32 describes the leaders of the tribe of Issachar who understood the times and new what Israel should do. 


What is so interesting and highly significant about this present time is that now both the prophetic understanding of the times and that of the secular world are beginning to meet - at least in some circles. 

I have a friend who is a senior economic advisor to a multi- billion $ turnover global food brand. He has also been economics advisor to a European government. He believes that the present monetary system cannot survive much longer. Last April I spent a long weekend in his Alpine chalet (he is a ‘friend of Israel ‘and he lives and works in Belgium). I asked him two questions: What will you do when this crisis comes? He answered that he would move as quickly as possible to his 'refuge' in the Alps. I then asked him: What should one invest in, anticipating such a global economic crisis, with all the disruption and turmoil that would bring? 


His answer was simple - Invest in people. Invest in relationships. That I believe is at the heart of what Radiant Group will represent. It will be a practical means to connect people and businesses who want to engage their resources with projects, businesses and multi-faceted initiatives in Israel through a trusted relationship network. This network will be transparent, accountable and involved in these activities with a vision beyond the usual primary motive of economic gain. Radiant will involve an array of differing activities in many spheres but with a common aim. It will bring sustainable economic growth, social transformation in the communities in which it will be engaged and because its people can look beyond the short-sighted vision of a secular business or government, it can gather the practical ‘storehouse’ of physical resources for sustenance and trade that will provide resilience when the inevitable times of difficulty come.


Those who become part of Radiant in whatever capacity – friend, client, donor, investor, partner, and supporter – will be taking a journey with us. That journey will involve relationships which are based on core values, shared vision, faith, trust and action. In a sense all business should involve these, but the difference here is that success in this endeavour will ultimately save lives.


Much of the financial world understands that the present level of indebtedness amongst most ‘first world’ nations is unsustainable. The current economic system is teetering on the brink of disaster.  An economic earthquake is coming which will eclipse the events of 2008. The catalyst could be the collapse of a major bank – Deutche Bank is a potential candidate – there are several which are fatally weakened and yet are deemed ‘too big to fail’. There will be no more taxpayer bailouts. The U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Bank of England have already worked out a global template strategy for trying to deal with the crisis they, the World Bank and the IMF foresee. It involves harvesting our money to ‘bail in’ to the banks. However, all the levers on the global dashboard have already been pulled. This time it will not work and so the system will fail. After some painful shock, a new system will inevitably emerge. Senior financial strategists have for some time been working on the new monetary system that will come. The catalyst for a systemic collapse could be an act of terrorism, a crisis of investor confidence or of war – we don’t know. But we do know who will ultimately be blamed for causing the crisis. It will be the ‘greedy Jewish bankers’ or the ‘Israelis who won’t settle the Palestinian problem’ All roads lead in the same direction: further isolation of the ‘Pariah’ Jewish State, greater hatred for the Jewish people themselves and those who support them amongst the Christian world. 


We will of course do all we can to counter the highly resourced BDS movement. Radiant Group stands in absolute opposition to those who promote the BDS message. We know it to be right to oppose, yet we cannot predict the outcome of that opposition. As in the past there are those who see the storm coming and who will prepare. Such people are the heart of the Radiant team and network. There will also be those who will be called to assist and support us. These I see as the ones who will resource Radiant as it begins it’s vital and urgent work. 


I close with a question. Are you one of them?


Nicholas Szkiler

Board of Advisors



May 2nd 2016


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