Radiant Group is a young dynamic organization that develops strategic relationships  with church's, congregations, investors, and tourists in  Israel.
In May 2018 Radiant is opening the House of Providence
This project will provide food, clothing, necessities, and finances to people in need in the Galilee region. We are actively supporting Holocaust Survivors, and will be expanding that operation. We appreciate your support!


The intent of this project is to produce a time-sensitive film about the importance of standing with Israel. The purpose of this  film, “Why Stand With Israel” is to raise awareness for people who support Israel, and to encourage them to boldly declare, in our current times, to STAND and defend her according to what God’s Word says.
Helping Hand Coalition is a network of international humanitarian organizations addressing the needs of the modern state and people of Israel.

Since 2005, Helping Hand Coalition (represented in Israel by the Helping Hand Foundation) has provided continuous aid to nearly 80,000 victims of the Holocaust in over 70 cities throughout the country. The Coalition distributes food, clothing and financial grants; and coordinates social events bringing joy to Israel’s Holocaust survivors. The Coalition also provides much needed relief to victims of terror attacks, natural disasters and war.

HHC Exists to:

1. Cooperate with international charitable organizations, and come alongside the Israeli government in providing much needed comfort and support to Israel’s most needy and destitute, with special attention to impoverished Holocaust Survivors.

2. Lobby for and provide a voice to victims of war and terror at both the National and International levels. Harness the power of the Internet and global news media in order to bring modern Israel to the world, and fight worldwide Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.
Isaiah 40:1 - "Comfort, comfort my people says your God"

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