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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

A couple months ago, I had a vivid vision that I believe is a warning to share with others. I saw a bird’s eye view of an interstate highway. There were big red letters on the pavement that said “DECEPTION.”

Cars were driving quickly down this highway without even thinking about it. There was an optional exit you could take to get off of the road of deception, but people had to make the decision quickly or they would be stuck on the main road.

The vision switched to me having to make a decision myself and I exited quickly.

The Lord showed me that this vision is a representation of the deception that the world is under right now - that we can choose to not be deceived - or ignore the warning signs and keep being blinded to the lies of the enemy.

It is my prayer that we all ask the Lord to give us discernment in every area of our life and to help us know what is truth and what is deception. Do research, look up information yourself and don’t just believe what the majority tells might just save your life.

God Bless you and Keep you!

- Devon Dunsmoor

Director of Operations

Radiant Israel

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