Then yeshua said to them, 



“Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers to go to the Galilee; there they will see me.”

-Matthew 28:10


Gilad and Magi founded Radiant Group, a tour and special events company because they wanted to make an impact on their local and global community. Their heart is to share the powerful message of The Kingdom through all available platforms. They also help non profit organisations that are making a significant impact on the land and people of Israel. Magi and Gilad have a heart to worship The King in spirit and in truth. Magi is an anointed worshipper and Gilad is a powerful minister and prophetic voice in this generation. 


In the tourism industry our team realized that we could provide a world class experience to tourists, all the while blessing the nation of Israel locally and nationally.


Radiant Group truly understand the growing desire of believers to bless the people of Israel and to participate with what Adonai is doing in this hour. This is our greatest passion and we are blessed that we can help so many connect to the Body of Believers in Israel for such a time as this!


From a logistical standpoint we successfully combined the growing needs of relational based touring, with service based volunteer projects to make a major impact on both visitors and locals. As well as to introduce visitors to the incredible opportunities they could have in Israel beyond touring.


Many of our supporters and Tour Leaders especially love that a portion of our tour proceeds go to directly support believers in the land and many humanitarian and non profit organisations. In addition to knowing the who, what and how of Israeli tourism, we are able to open doors for those wishing to do business or ministry work in Israel.

Radiant also provides visitors with a wide range of unique experiences beyond touring. Our method of operation allows you to feel and see the difference you can make by contributing in a significant way to the development and progress of the Kingdom. As we advance the gospel through media networks, social media platforms, TV and global events. 


We offer both short and long term volunteer programs for people seeking to volunteer in Israel so please reach out if you have any questions.

Our focus is to help you bless The Land and The People of Israel. To find our more email us at





Beni Friedman

Tour Operator 

Tour Guide

Gilad Rosinger

Chief Executive Officer

Magi Rosinger
Co Founder

Chief Financial 


Devon Dunsmoor

Director of Operations


Pastor Joe Franta


Pastor Joe Franta is an international pastor of  pastors that has been used mightily to raise up the next generation of leaders all over the world. He is a world class trainer, a powerful speaker, a successful businessman, and most importantly a mighty man of God. Joe is a powerful intercessor and has given direction, advice and guidance in the establishment of Radiant Israel's End Time Kingdom vision.

Pastor Joe has also been a personal mentor and advisor to Gilad Rosinger the Founder and CEO of Radiant Israel.

Dwight Shipman


Dwight and Julie Shipman have been married and walking together in the Lord for over 37 years.  From their earliest moments together, it was apparent that they both have a passion for God's Kingdom. Through various people and ministries, they have  grown in Adonai and in the understanding of what it means to live and operate in His Kingdom.  While certain ministries have been a great influence in their lives, nothing compares to the impact of being taught in the school of The King over their years together.  After all, life in general is a school and there is no better instructor than God.

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